Verna, aging advisor

Audrae, health enthusiast 

Rogene, retired home ec. teacher

Bobbi, retired teacher

Jim, University Club member

Marlene, out of state visitor

Elsie, mystery tour visitor

"The Black Currant Wine Vinegar is wonderful on shredded cabbage.  I just add a few pecans and sunflower seeds and it's a meal! 

"I can't drink just plain water anymore.  I put Leatherwood Wine Vinegar in water in the fridge and it's always there when I need a drink."

"I made roasted vegetables with Wine Vinegar for my holiday guests and they were delicious!"
"I need more!"

"When will the garlic Wine Vinegar be ready?"

"My brother buys your cherry vinegar. He's a mechanic and his gout was so bad he couldn't bend his fingers. Now he can."

"My shoulder hurt, I couldn't turn my head both ways and I always had phlegm in my throat. I feel better now than I have in a long time, after taking your cherry vinegar."
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