Welcome to Leatherwood Vinegary 2014
                 Now in the 10th year of the finest little vinegary in Minnesota ! 
                   Our vinegary is a quaint little place where we make quality wine
                 from real fruit, much of it grown right here. We convert our wine to tasty unique
                 vinegars. Generally it takes two months to make the wine and another 8-10
                 months to convert the wine to vinegar.
                        We have up to fifty different vinegars depending on what's working
                 and what's been harvested and bottled.
                        Each fruit flavor is flavored only by the fruit from which it is made.
                        Herbal flavors are made by infusion; herbs are allowed to infuse
                 in the vinegar for up to two weeks to impart their flavors.
                        We welcome tour groups as well as individual visitors. Spring, summer,
                  and  fall are the best times since you'll then be able to visit the orchard
                  and herb gardens as well as the vinegary and our retail shop. But we
                  do welcome visitors  year-round. OPEN BY APPOINTMENT. Please call
                    320-732-2879 or email leatherwood@wisper-wireless.com to schedule a visit. 
                        Visit our product info page to see all the available varieties of wine-vinegar.
                  Check out the recipes and testimonials.  If you'd like to order please e-mail us with your list, we'll compute
                   the shipping charges and e-mail you with a total.  Please pay by check or money order. If you
                   have questions, e-mail us at leatherwood@wisper-wireless.com .
              If you're looking for Leatherwood Vinegar, check out these shops:
         Local D'Lish (208 N.1st St., Minneapolis, MN 55401 612-886-3047 www.localdlish.com)
        Grass Roots Gourmet (Midtown Global Market, 920 East Lake St. # 130, Minneapolis, MN 55407 612-871-6947).
                   Also find it at:
        Ferndale Market (31659 County 24 Blvd., Cannon Falls, MN 55009 507-263-4556).
        The Grain Bin (4617 State Hwy 29 S., Suite 107, Alexandria, MN 56308 320-763-6876).
        Creations, 614 Broadway, Alexandria, MN 56308  320-808-3534
        Box Elder Gifts (1225 Frontier Drive, Fergus Falls, MN 56537 218-998-2777).
        Meadow Farm Foods (23064 Cty Hwy 1, Fergus Falls, MN 56537 218-739-6216).
        Falls Baking, Battle Lake, MN
        Pomme de Terre Foods (613 Atlantic Avenue, Morris, MN 56367 320-589-4332).
        Hats Off Coffee, Long Prairie, MN
     Visit the Leatherwood Blog
      Interested in more Leatherwood products?  Check out www.whimsyhomedesigns.homestead.com 
      Want more information about the Long Prairie area? www.longprairie.org
      Looking for a place to camp near Long Prairie? http://www.campsmoremn.com/

   What's Happening?
Check out the upcoming events on our "About Us" page.
Leatherwood Vinegary was named to receive the 2011 Best of the Cities award by Minnesota Monthly!
          Check out the November, 2011 issue to read about our award for "Best Vinegar."
Ask for Leatherwood Vinegary, A Winery Gone Sour at your local bookstore. A life infused with vinegar is tart and tangy. So is the
  book. If you just can't wait to find it in your local book shop, we'd be happy to send out a copy. It's $14.95. Add $5 to cover tax and
  shipping. Send your order to: Leatherwood Vinegary, 20395 County 86, Long Prairie, MN 56347. Your signed copy will be sent out
  promptly.  Sorry! The book is SOLD out!  Watch for Nancy's next book: Dressing for Successful Salads.
     Leatherwood Vinegary has been featured on On the Road with Jason Davis, Prairie Yard and Garden, Common Ground and
  Steve Henning's Country TV. Check out Youtube for more information.
To print our recipe flyer, go to our recipes page and click on the pdf icons.
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We also offer wine classes for individuals or groups of four or less. Email for info.
New book just released! "DRESSING FOR SUCCESSful SALADS"
   With a basic supply of ingredients and this little book, you can easily make your own single-serving salad dressings and bring a new dimension to your salad dining. $5.95 plus $2 for postage and $.54 tax (total $8.49). Email leatherwood@wisper-wireless.com for ordering information.
   With a new printing, Leatherwood Vinegary, a Winery Gone Sour is back in stock. $14.95 plus postage (and tax in Minnesota). 
New release!!
Scarborough Fair Vinegar 2014
Parsley, sage, rosemary and thyme infused in Leatherwood  Peach Vinegar
- so artfully  blended it creates a unique
taste sensation.