About Leatherwood Vinegary
           Leatherwood Vinegary is the finest little vinegary in Minnesota.  It just might be the only one.  The
    Leatherwood Orchards, Leatherwood Herb Gardens, and Leatherwood Vinegary (okay, it's all one place
    on 40 acres of beautiful Minnesota soil, just north of the Long Prairie River) work together to produce fine
    wine vinegars.  Ron and Nancy are the vintner / vinegarist and herbalist, respectively, with many years        of  experience in growing fruit and herbs and making them into wines and vinegars.
          The vinegary is a charming place with faux rock walls, urn filled niches, and the permeating essence of    wine and vinegar.  Since it is also a licensed facility, it has the requisite stainless steel sinks, tables and
    other equipment.  Making wine vinegar is an art as well as a science with tasting and testing having equal    importance in producing a quality product.  It takes time to nurture the trees and vines.  Wine ferments over    a period of several weeks to several months.  Conversion to wine vinegar is a slow natural process of 
    several months to many years.  We don't rush it.  When it's ready we bottle it.  From the fruit to you!

           If you'd like to schedule a tour just call 320-732-2879 or e-mail leatherwood@wisper-wireless.com and   we'll check our calendar.  We can also tell you about other interesting places to visit in the Long Prairie area or make a reservation at a local restaurant.  Also, contact Nancy if you'd like to schedule a book reading/signing event.

About Us
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About Us

      Upcoming events for 2019
     We're booking tours for 2019. Just call 320-732-2879 or e-mail leatherwood@wisper-wireless.com   
           for information and to schedule your tour.